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October 6, 2014

This is THE petition to the Obama administration that Sally urges people to sign:

Text of petition:

"The Ebola virus has reached unprecedented epidemic proportions in West Africa, and has been joined by another unrelated concurrent outbreak in the Congo. Experts had stated it was 'highly unlikely' that ebola would show up on American soil. But now it has, in the City of Dallas, Texas, brought here by an individual who entered our country from the West African nation of Liberia, where ebola is rampant. The citizens of the US are scared. We do not want any more ebola-infected individuals bringing the epidemic to our shores. The longer we allow people to enter our country from ebola-stricken areas, the higher the chance another person infected with ebola will arrive here, putting ALL of our citizens at risk. Please tell the FAA to ban ALL incoming flights from any/all ebola-stricken regions."

If you agree, click here to sign.