San Francisco Tea Party

Image: Images of Bay Area Patriots events

"Say Good-Bye to President Eye Candy" Protest!

Monday, October 8th

Corner of McAllister and Polk, San Francisco 

5:30 PM 

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Location:  Corner of McAllister and Polk.

We will meet at the corner of McAllister and Polk. 

McAllister will be open to traffic.  Polk will not be.

The entire south side of the park will be closed.  They will let me know if we can get further up/into the park but we meet at the corner of McAllister and Polk.

TIME:  around 5:30 pm
Traffic permitting, I will be there around 4:30 to scope things out and unload signs.  The guests don't arrive until 5:30.  I am still not sure exactly when the event starts so I would suggest getting there between 5:30 and 6:00.  You can always come later but if you come too late you might not get through because of the motorcade.  I will have a better idea of his arrival on Monday when we can look at the white house schedule.  We'll stay until he arrives--if he is too late and it's too cold and dark we can always leave earlier as we have done in the past.  It will be chilly so make sure you are prepared.



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Report from the first NobamaNevada weekend . . . .

Walkers from San Francisco Bay Area

(Left: Walkers from the Bay Area)

Last weekend 120 people from the bay area drove to Reno to walk precincts and make calls in the phone bank. These people realized that while they could not affect the election in California, they could come to Nevada, which is a battle ground state and help turn Nevada red. These people paid for their own travel, lodging and food. THEY KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THIS ELECTION IS AND HOW IMPORTANT WASHOE COUNTY IS IN THIS ELECTION - DO YOU?

Can you survive another four years of Obama because you didn't contribute an hour or two of your time at this most critical time in the election? Nevada is critical to the next four years in our country, state and community.

Sen. Heller talks to California Volunteers.

(Left: Sen. Heller talks to California Volunteers)

Call TEAM NEVADA now and volunteer an hour or two this week to ensure we win this election and we do not suffer four more years of this administration.

If 120 people can spare a whole weekend, pay their own expenses and drive 500 miles, you can surely find an hour or two to make sure we win this election.

Be part of the solution, call TODAY!

Will Batista at (775) 232-4282 Team Nevada - Main Office
Will Abraczinskas at (775) 232-4763 Team Nevada - Mae Anne Office
Washoe County Republican Party - (775) 827-1900