San Francisco Tea Party

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November 22, 2013

Yesterday, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats triggered the nuclear option.

This means that centuries of Senate tradition has been overturned; the filibuster has been eliminated in the confirmation process.  So much for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Our democracy was earned with the sacrifices of too many to name, shaped by centuries of fighting for a republic that follows the voice of the people.  Yesterday, Harry Reid casually cast that aside to get his way.

After yesterday’s disgraceful power play, Senate Democrats are going to pack Obama’s liberal judges on the federal courts.

We need to stop them.  We must throw these hacks out of office.  And, we need your help today to get it done – click here to sign the petition holding Senate Democrats accountable for triggering the nuclear option. And spread the word to your family and friends today!

We must win this fight in 2014, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Whatever it takes.


Senator Jerry Moran
NRSC Chairman