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(Archive) March 19, 2012:

We are doing a MOCK California PRIMARY vote on the yahoo group site.

Join us and vote. If you are a member of the group, cut and paste and go directly to the poll:

If you aren't a member, this is a good time to join. Cut and paste to join:

Make sure to choose "special notices" or "once daily digest" otherwise you will get MANY emails in any given day. We can always change it if you forget, but try not to forget so it's less work.

This will be my last week taking letters but I would like more. I have about 50 letters to his family so far and each one is moving.

· Put "BREITBART TRIBUTE" in subject heading.

· Include your NAME (any variation).

· Include your TOWN.

2. NINA MOURNING is looking for people to volunteer and take leadership positions throughout the Bay Area for Elizabeth Emken's Senatorial campaign. If you are interested contact Nina directly at

3. Registration for the April 14th TP is off to an INCREDIBLE start!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY!!! We'll have Melanie Morgan, Fife and Drum Corps, Flag Waving, Finger Wagging, Celestial City, Diane Nagy and more!
Make a commitment to attend by registering here! Thanks to all the TPs working on this: North Bay Patriots, East Bay Tea Party, Solano Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party United, Napa Tea Party, MyLiberty, SF912, Golden Gate Minutemen.

4. Larry in SF Has a New Posting/Pictorial about Occupy and ANSWER. Click Here.

5. Conservative Class Warfare--my article will be in American Thinker Sunday.
I have to call it as I see it and this was glaring.

6. TriValley Republican Women Federated is having an event Thursday, April 12 with Tim Donnelly, 6:30 pm, Cattlemen's Restaurant, Livermore. RSVP to by April 9th.

7. Eagle Forum is having their State conference "Big Green Lies and Liberty's Demise" with Dr. Michael Coffman, Michael Shaw and Tim Donnelly at DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento, April 20-21. For more info and to register go to

8. BAP-SFTP facebook page: Click Here